I am a Brighton-based photographer using a range of analogue film cameras. In this digital age it feels good to keep alive techniques and traditions that have been forgotten by many. I love the grain and lens anomalies, as well as the quirks that appear after processing. For me, this has more soul than the air-brushed perfection of digital photography and “photo-shopped” images. I think modern society has become obsessed with having the latest gadgets, at the expense of whatever came before. Just because something is new, it certainly doesn’t mean that it is better. I try to find inventive ways to push the boundaries of analogue photography, for example with double exposures achieved in-camera, film-swaps with photographers around the world, and cross-processing slide film in C-41 chemicals (usually used for colour-negative film), which enhances colours, contrast and saturation. To view more of my photography please visit: